Home watch for your Sarasota slice of Paradise

At this time of year we know that seasonal home owners have begun to think about heading north for the summer but have they thought about how their home here will be cared for while you are gone? We know from personal experience that one will not have peace of mind about their home in Sarasota while away unless they have someone they can trust watching over it. Many people think that home watch is something a neighbor can do but estate management is more than just walking through a house once in a while when an Absentee owner is away. Hiring a professional concierge company who knows what to look for, what to do if there is a problem and who is bonded, licensed and insured is the best way have peace of mind regarding your asset while you are away from your estate in Sarasota. A professional home watch service like Key Concierge has at its disposal a repertoire of tools including a multi-point checklist which we use to go through the entire infrastructure of the house making sure everything is as it should be. A professional company like Key Concierge having provided home watch services for over a decade in Sarasota, Longboat Key, Bird Key, Siesta Key and Lakewood Ranch will provide you the peace of mind that only someone whose livelihood depends on their customer’s complete satisfaction can offer. We have been told that it is this high level of service that sets us apart from a neighbor coming in once and a while walking around and other less established home watch services. We would welcome the opportunity to provide Home Watch service to you. Give us a call and see how we set the gold standard in providing peace of mind for our valued clientele.

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