Project Management Faqs

What exactly does an Owner representative do?
Owner’s representatives are invaluable for protecting the interest of the homeowner during a construction project. This is especially true when the owner is absent as is often the case with vacation or second homes. Most often owners feel more comfortable having someone, knowledgeable in construction, acting as liaison between them and the General Contractor or sub-contractors. Many of our clients live elsewhere at least part time. Having work done on their second home is challenging unless they have someone on-site to oversee their interests. We also have clients who live outside the United States and are not familiar with US construction laws, so it is crucial to have someone represent them in their project to make sure everything is done in compliance. By far the biggest reason home owners choose Key Concierge Design & Project Management as their Owners representation is because they know that someone on site makes sure things run efficiently, on schedule and on budget.

Does that set up a dynamic between the GC or the engineer?
Owner’s representative’s first responsibility if to the owner to make sure he or she knows what’s happening on-site and keeping them appraised of issues that arise. Because our owner’s representatives have been worked with many General Contractors and have worked in the construction industry for many years, they know intuitively that dealing with everyone on site fairly and honestly and encouraging communication amongst the various players is the only way to achieve success. We approach our work as a team dynamic, making sure the owners needs and requirements are met on time and on budget is paramount for everyone and to ensure that communication among all the players is essential. We believe everyone wants the same thing: happy customers and a project that delivers expectations on time and on budget.

Do you ever take on problem projects mid project?
Yes we have done this more than we might like because when we get called into a problem it’s because the project has drifted off schedule or budget and from the owners perspective there is no end in sight. Naturally this could have been prevented if the Owners representative had been in place from the beginning but yes we can help straighten things out mid project as well.

We once had a couple who bought a condo as a second home and hired someone to completely renovate the condo. The couple returned to their main residence in England with the hopes of occupying their vacation home in 6 months as they were assured by the GC that it would be complete. The home owner became alarmed one month before they were due to arrive because he hadn’t heard from the General Contractor. We were called in to project manage the renovation at that point. Using the resources at our disposal we provided on site management daily and got things back on track. To our clients delight the project was completed on time.

Another client who lived outside the United states, had their complete house re-model in jeopardy because the GC, thought that since no one was watching over the project and the owners were not expected back into town right away, there was no urgency. He took on other assignment and our clients’ project kept being bumped to the bottom of the Contractors list or priorities. We were hired to bring the project back on track and get their job completed. Naturally we prefer to be brought in from the beginning but we have quite a bit of experience fixing problem projects mid stream!

How do you charge?
We negotiate the best rates for customers with all the subcontractors and we pass those savings on to the customer. We can charge either a percentage of the total job or a percentage of each section of the job whichever makes the best sense for the customer. Because only the customer, not by the subs, skilled laborers or the General Contractors, pays us we do not have a bias or provide preferential treatment to any builders or tradesman. We are strictly there to get the job got done.

Do you always take on the whole project or can you provide piece-by-piece services?
We are happy to work with you on any one aspect. If design is all you want, we can do that. If bid management is all you need, no problem. Similarly we can do any one aspect of the project from interviewing to building a project management website to change order management to warranty management or estimating. In other words, yes we can take on one aspect if that’s all you need.

What’s your geographic area?
Our service area is the Tampa to Naples corridor. Centrally located in the Sarasota area, most of our clients are in the Sarasota, Egmont Key, Bird Key, Longboat Key, Casey Key and Lido Key.