Tim Kiley

Tim had spent many years in the Hospitality industry, as both a Chef and Restaurant owner, after graduating from The Restaurant School in Philadelphia. Later he went on to work for MetLife, on both coasts, ending up in Beverly Hills, Ca.

After returning home to New England, he met his wife KT and they settled in Newburyport, Ma. Tim and KT began to Flip houses there, buying, remodeling and selling distressed properties. The oldest dating back to 1790.

They bought their Sarasota home in 2016.

Tim is keenly aware of how to maintain a property by the water. Moisture, salt and constant sun can present special challenges to those who choose to live in here in Paradise. He fully embraces our philosophy of “Owner Representative”. Whether overseeing the general maintenance of the home, dealing with hired contractors to the installation of major home systems.
Tim maintains all his many client’s properties to the highest standard. Whether they live in another state or another continent, Tim keeps his client’s informed as to the status of their property and has it ready for their arrival at any time.