Hurricane Season

Ok its the dreaded H word but we have to talk about it especially since Hurricane season has officially begun (june 1 to November 30). Listen, there is nothing to like about hurricanes, but, if you are prepared then you can certainly reduce anxiety and preserve your property here in the Sarasota, Longboat Key area. We hope you have employed a good Home watch service to take care of our home through the entire time you are gone (think Key Concierge!!!!) because this service is invaluable at all times but especially so during hurricane season. A good home watch service will see to it that all your outdoor furniture and anything that can act like missles in high winds will be brought in and secured. They will make sure that all shutters are deployed; that the garage door brace is on; that all appliances are unplugged; that gas is turned off; trees and landscaping are trimmed back. More importantly they will get to your home as quickly as the threat passes and the streets are navigatable to take pictures of damage, if necessary ,and assess the situation for you. If you stay in the Long Boat Key, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Florida area for the summer then you need to do all that (or call us) and have an emergency kit with water and battery operated lights; a change of clothes, a propane camping stove with food and water for three days. If you live in a flood zone you should certainly have thought through where you would go if disaster struck and you were evacuated.OK lets hope that thats the last we talk about hurricanes this year!

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